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Meteorite and Tektite Poster and Specimen Sets

Buy both our Meteorite and Tektites poster and specimen sets and save
These exciting and educational sets include both our Meteorites and Tektites posters, plus an iron meteorite specimen and a tektite. A great gift item, the set is also an excellent addition to classrooms and astronomy clubs. Certificates of Authenticity included!

Specimens appear much larger in the photo. Your meteorite will weigh approximately 10 grams and will measure 5/8" to 1", depending on its shape. Your tektite will weigh approximately 30 grams and measure 1-1/2" to 2", depending on its shape.

S1010C Meteorite Poster and Meteorite, plus Tektite Poster and Tektite

Price: $69.95
Product Number: S1010C

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