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Historical Print of Ensisheim Meteorite Fall

Just before noon on November 16, 1492 a thunderous explosion was heard near the city of Ensisheim, France. A young boy witnessed the fall of a single stone weighing about 127 kilograms. The townspeople were awestruck by this strange rock that apparently fell from the heavens and buried itself in a three foot deep crater in a wheat field. Shortly thereafter, the meteorite was taken to town as residents waited for the arrival of King Maximilian, son of the Holy Roman Emperor Friedich III, who was approaching with his army.

Upon arrival in the village, Maximilian proclaimed the meteorite to be a omen of protection from the divine and ordered that it be preserved in the local parish church. The meteorite was chained to the wall to prevent it from "wandering at night" or leaving in a manner as violent as its entry.

To further add to the supposed mysterious powers of the stone, Maximilian went on to win his battle against the French.

The Ensisheim meteorite fall was the first meteorite event to be publicized. Very shortly after the fall, broadsides describing the event, illustrated with dramatic woodcuts, were printed and distributed in the area.

This wonderful print was created from the original woodcut depicting the event! Recreated in spectacular cover and printed on special paper with an aged look. A great companion to your Ensisheim meteorite specimen! Overall size 15" wide x 11" tall.

H1009 Ensisheim Historical Print

Price: $69.95
Product Number: H1009

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